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Association of Yoruba Progressive Community Bayern e.V. [aypc] Munich Germany

There are estimated of over more than 50 million speakers of the Yoruba language worldwide. Yoruba's are primarily concentrated in the South Western part of Nigeria. There are also substantial Yoruba communities in countries like Benin, Ghana, and Togo. Many more Yoruba descendants displaced during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade are in the America, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Cuba and the Caribbean.

The Yoruba is one of the largest African ethnic groups south of the Sahara Desert. Within Nigeria, the Yoruba dominate the western part of the country. Yoruba are all descendants of “Oduduwa (Odua)” from Ile-Ife the cradle of human civilization.

From time immemorial, Yoruba (the Oduduwa descendants) had it rooted in the tradition of living together as Community. Unity is seen as a source of strength which continue to hold us together till this very day. This was clearly state in our forefathers words that says “adankan rin ejo ni o nmu iya je ejo, won ni ti Oka aba siwaju, to Paramole tele, ti Ojola nbo lehin, ko si baba eniti o le da won lona” .

It is this spirit as the cornerstone of our tradition that gave birth to this union called “Association of Yoruba Progressive Community Bayern e.V. [aypc] Munich Germany”. The Association as it known today was founded on 20th of June, 2013 in Munich, capital of Bayern state in the Southern part of Federal Republic of Germany with the sole aim of bringing all Yoruba in this region together for our mutual benefits, promotion of our culture/heritage and it presentation/integration into German society and culture.

We are non-governmental, non-profit and non- political organization based here in Munich. We are community of Nigerian immigrants here in the southern part of this country of which we made Bayern, Germany as our second home.

Goals About aypc-bayern

Our Mission and Objectives

The following are the Mission and Objectives of the association:

  • To promote unity, friendliness and love among the Yorubas in Bayern/Germany and in the Diaspora irrespective of political inclination, creed or sex.

  • To cherish, uphold and project the honour and dignity of Yoruba culture, language and tradition in Bayern Germany and the Diaspora.

  • To create avenue for a social and cultural interaction among Yorubas and other nationalities.

  • To encourage and nurture our children and youth to imbibe the Yoruba culture, honor and tradition.

  • To support the educational development and economical empowerment of Yoruba community in Bayern Germany.

  • To enhance the provision of full access to education and resources about Yoruba language and culture to all sundry through the media.

  • To work with other organizations within and outside Bayern, Germany that share our similar objectives and goals.

  • To establish a presence in motherland to facilitatae home-based actiities.









Executives Council


Mr. Fatai WilsonPresident


Akinwale Akinnifesi General Secretary


Richard ShotayoFinancial Secretary


Abiodun TanimowoTreasurer


Adeshola SalakoPublic Relations Officer


Rauff OlanrewajuSocial Secretary


Francis MololuEx Officio